These 2 little flashlights pop out some bright light!

My husband and kids are ALWAYS losing flashlights, I don’t know why we can’t seem to remember where they are in the house. I fell in love with this set of 2 because first of all, there’s 2 of them, it will take them twice as long to lose them. Secondly, even though they are small, they let off just as much light if not more than the big ones; it’s amazing how bright these suckers are. Thirdly they have a clip to put in your pocket if you so wish to, but I have them tucked in a high cupboard hiding from sneaky hands. Lastly, I wanted to mention these have different modes, when you push the button to turn it on, you get bright light, then push again it’s brighter… but then the third time you get a strobe light- super cool, and can be useful if you need to get someone’s attention as well.

Definitely awesome flashlights, and both for just under $10- LOVE! You can buy these too on Amazon at

Thanks for stopping by to read my blog/review. Have an amazing/blessed day!


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