Close to a Fitbit, but not exactly…

I got a Fitbit a couple years ago for Christmas and I lost it (it slid out of the wristband- I was so mad!); and I saw there were comparable products on Amazon for cheaper so I wanted to see if they were worth it. I really love being able to track my steps and fitness goals, so it’s worth it.

The one I got was $30, not the cheapest, and it tracks your sleep cycle and heart rate, calories, steps, much like the Fitbit. I like that it doesn’t need a separate special charger, it just uses a USB port in one side of the device, the band will just pop off. I did not have any issues with mine charging or holding a charge.

This does have an app that was compatible with my iPhone that was free to help track your progress through this device. I do like that. The biggest problem I had was I didn’t feel it was always picking up my steps- I didn’t change how many movements I made from when I had my other tracker to this one and I ended my days consistently 2000-3000 steps lower than when I used a Fitbit. It made me wonder if the Fitbit was over sensitive or this is under sensitive. I also didn’t have any friends using this so I couldn’t do challenges like before either.

Overall it isn’t a bad tracker though. You can buy this on Amazon at

Thanks for stopping by to read my blog/review! Have an amazing,blessed day!


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