When my inner voice is too quiet…

I’m sure there are many of you moms out there like me, that are busy with life, work, kids, etc., and then you are overlooked with something so basic, and it makes you feel so skipped over and unimportant. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, kudos to you sister, and you have an awesome circle of friends and family!

But… if you’re like me… these moments happen a little like tonight, when I’m at my family’s house to stay over for Christmas, and they are all finding a place to make their sleeping arrangements and pillows and blankets, while we are playing a card game. I guess my first mistake was assuming my place would be made next to my husband, or he’d be helping to set up an area we could sleep together. But lo and behold, after midnight when we are all ready for bed and exhausted, guess who has no place to sleep and no blankets or pillows?

Even though I do everything possible for my family, such as grocery shopping, dinner making, laundry, dishes, cleaning, and working outside the home, wouldn’t that slightly intrigue you to help find sleeping arrangements for your food preparer?

Whatever. I got this.

I’m in a cold ball in the corner of a beat up old futon with my 10 year son, and I will try to make my voice better heard next time. I made it well known I was upset, and hopefully next time there is a thought of me when we are doing bedtime preps.

Until next time, keep rocking on ✌️


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