My hair is growing in thicker than ever before- love this shampoo!

I have had very thick hair my entire life, but now that I am nearing my forties, I have noticed that my hair is starting to feel a lot thinner. I have been using thinning shampoos for a couple months now and I decided to try ArtNaturals product because it's organic and it looked like a safe option for me and my family.

First off, this shampoo smells amazing!!! Very fresh and clean and leaves my hair smelling good all day long. Not only does it smell amazing, since I have been using it, I noticed that my hair does not feel as rough on the bottom where it is dyed and a bit brittle! I also have not had to use conditioner lately, which I would usually never leave my house without my hair conditioned! As for the thinning, I've noticed much less hair coming out when I brush it and in the shower, and I'm noticing small baby hairs growing in more than usual.

I highly recommend this product, it is a great shampoo and I am completely happy with my purchase!

You can purchase this same shampoo in Amazon at

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