Crappy customer service

I apologize but I need a minute to complain about some crappy customer service.

This occurrence happened about 20 minutes ago at Family Fare in Gaylord, Michigan.

I live between the Gaylord and Grayling locations, (they are about a half hour apart) and shop at both frequently because I like to get in and out quickly due to our busy schedules. I more frequently shop the Gaylord one, and lately, I feel the cashiers are so impersonal and rude. I don't expect a conversation or them to know who I am, but a smile goes a LONG way.

Today, I had to drop my daughter off at a play practice and was returning bottles quickly for our youth group- I needed to be back to get her before practice was done. When I went to turn the slips in, the customer service desk was closed (at 7 pm) and 2 checklanes that were busy or self scan. I attempted self scan because normally there would be an attendant to help if there is issues, and I wasn't 100% sure I could do bottle slips there. I couldn't do bottle returns there, and Judy, one of the cashiers had to walk away from her lane to help me, annoyed. I felt stupid and a complete inconvenience. And when she walked me to her checklane to check out, she rang them out, handed the money without the receipt and said nothing. As I took the money I said, "Have a nice day." But it was not even acknowledged.
Everyone has off days. I do too. But there are lots of grocery shopping options in town and service and convenience are just as important as price and options.

I know, minor… but ugh!? Pull my hair out!

What kind of bad service experiences have you all experienced?


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