I found a flattering and very pretty swimsuit online! 

I have a hard time finding a swimsuit I like- they seem to fit funny on me no matter what brand I buy. This tankini has to be my favorite swimsuit ever! It fits exactly as I had hoped it was going to fit, and it’s super flattering for my figure. I love the way the front of the top flares out slightly, and it has the black tank underneath so my stomach doesn’t show. I love the skirt on the bottom as well to cover the parts of my thighs and hips that I’m not comfortable with. The pattern on this swimsuit is really pretty, and the colors are gorgeous too! This is just low cut enough to be flattering but still holds everything in well. Absolutely perfect suit!

You can find this suit on Amazon at https://www.amazon.com/Aleumdr-Printed-Swimsuits-Tankinis-Multicoloured/dp/B0725FT829/ref=cm_rdp_product.

Thanks for stopping by to read my blog/review. Have an absolutely amazing, blessed day! 


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