She could have picked a better movie to watch for her party… 

This is a true story, and a review on A Dog’s Purpose. 

Our 12 year old daughter picked this movie to watch as the highlight of her birthday party. 

Did she see the previews? Yes. 

Did she read the reviews? Yes. 

Did we tell her this was probably not a great “party” movie? Yes.
But,wanting to honor those pre-teen wishes and give her what she wanted, we let her and her friends watch the movie cuddled up in a heap of blankets… ending up in sobbing piles of tissues, tears, and screams of, “Why! Why would you pick such a sad movie to watch at a party?!”

All sadness aside, there are tons of cute pups- which will steal my heart for the movie right there; but the plot is mediocre. I had watched this once before, and it really didn’t get better the second time. It is sad, because you fall in love with the dog, but everything else is just filler.

Thanks for stopping by to read my blog/review! 

Have an amazing blessed day! 


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