So, we’re trying this fidget spinner thing…

These fidget spinners are all the rage in the schools and my kids have been desperate to have one; I finally broke down and purchased one to see what the craze was about. Much to my surprise, these are REALLY cool!

 Like, so cool I keep stealing it to mess with it while I’m watching TV or whatever.  All the kids keep fighting for their 2 minute turn with this absurd item, and it’s not even an electronic device- say WHAT?!?!?  

It’s ridiculously simple- you just hold the middle and spin the outside, but it spins so easy and for so long; you just get mesmerized. It sounds odd, but the vibration it makes when it’s spinning is very soothing as well. This one comes with a case as well, which is a definite added bonus. We are now a fidget spinner addicted household!
You can purchase this same one on Amazon at


Thanks for stopping by to read my blog/review! Have an amazing, blessed day! 


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