And Life does it again… 

We all know the saying- I don’t know exactly how it goes- but something about how when you’re life is going great and then someone throws in a curveball, just to keep you on your toes. 

What about when you are on your toes already, and you keep getting these balls thrown at you? 

Quit throwing your damn balls at me Life! 

As I sit, car broke down on the side of the road, completely and totally broke anyways; on my way home from a vet appointment because my black lab was super sick and I was afraid he was going to die. Upside? He will be ok. $400 later with X-rays, blood work, pain meds in my favorite snuggle bug, it appears he twisted his spine and may forever have issues with it, but hopefully not. 

And waiting for my husband to come to the rescue, hopefully to diagnose the problem without having to pay hundreds or thousands to the repair shop. 

We’ll get through this, as we always do, but I’d LOVE a break. ❤️ 


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