Random thoughts of all these constant protests

So Trump was elected. There have been repeated rallies, protests, marches for causes that he does not support- and they are still continuing. Hate is shown so much from every side of the country, not necessarily from those in charge, but those fueling these protests and fights and rallies. Will this ever end? All this is showing the world is that if we are unhappy with something, we spend every free moment of our time fueling the fire with feelings of why our side is right and your side is wrong. Have we never heard that other people’s opinions are worth listening to, instead of just blocked and hated on social media if you don’t agree? 
I hate that my kids are growing up in a world that if you don’t agree with the majority, or even whoever is the loudest, you have to keep your voice silent.  
More thoughts to follow… just brain dumping… 

#whyallthehate #letsstopthismess #bethechange


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